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Scope of Services

To survey, plan, construct, renew and maintain railway lines, yards, stations, colonies, factories, signalling and telecommunication works, electrification and water supply etc.

To manufacture, buy, sell and repair all types of rolling stock, plant, machinery tools etc.

To undertake engineering projects other than above including construction of steel/concrete bridges, flyovers, elevated/underground mass transit railway systems.

To carry on other businesses related to the foregoing including dealing in property, negotiable instruments etc.

We Specialize in :

Railway Engineering Works
Track Construction & Rehabilitation?
Track Design and Maintenance
Railway Management/Operations
Railway System Studies
Railway Signaling Systems
Civil Engineering/Infrastructure Works
Mechanical Engineering Works
Concrete and Steel Bridges
Irrigation Works
Production of Track Fittings & Fastenings
Mechanized Production/Supply of Stone Ballast
Supply of Railway Human Resources
Training in Railway Fields
Rehabilitation of Track Machines/Cranes
Manufacturing & supply of Rolling Stock

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