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About the Company

RAILCOP offers services in Engineering fields like railway tracks, railway stations, bridges, overhead bridges, under-passes, tunnels, culverts, railway facilities at port and harbors, roads, housing colonies, hospitals, school/colleges/universities, public health engineering, irregation, signalling & telecommunication, power generation and transmission etc.

Since its inception, RAILCOP has completed a great numbers of projects in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia alongwith Sudan, Somalia, Iran and Senegal Railways.

RAILCOP over the years has established itself as a specialised Company for construction of high speed railway track and construction of pre-stressed concrete and steel girder bridges. With valuable experience gained on its major Saudi Projects, the Company can carry out planning, designing and construction of high speed railway lines to the highest international standard. RAILCOP is fully equipped with modern track machinery and experienced technical staff and is in a position to undertake construction of new railway lines and rehabilitation of existing track in Pakistan and abroad.

RAILCOP in collaboration with Pakistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services (PRACS) can carry out the business of surveyors, consultants, advisors, designers, architectures and builders. Can render technical assistance to foreign countries in connection with modernization and improvement of train system/operation.

RAILCOP in association with Pakistan Railways Carriage Factory (Islamabad), Mughalpura Workshop (Lahore) and Railway Locomotive Factory, (Risalpur) can manufacture and supply various types of passenger carriages, freight wagons and rolling stock.

RAILCOP manufactures wide range of Track fittings & fastenings in Track Workshop at Raiwind. These fitting/fastenings are of highest quality, being supplied to Pakistan Railways and abroad.

RAILCOP, in its Track Machine Shop, Lahore carries out complete overhauling and repair of a variety of track machines like PU Tamping and aligning Machine, Duomatic Track Machine, Gantry Cranes, Crewler Cranes etc. Besides, it manufactures self-hauled transportation cars for carriage of men and material by rail, to track renewal sites.

RAILCOP has vast reservoir of trained technical personnel of Pakistan Railways in the field of operation, signaling, telecommunication, maintenance of track etc. and can provide training in different railway institutions and manufacturing workshops, equipped with the most modern technology.

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